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I was born in Toronto, educated at Sheridan College and the Ontario College of Art &
Design. Upon graduation I pursued design, working with design firms and advertising agencies. My pursuit of landscape painting started about 8 years ago with an invitation by a friend to join an informal group to paint. Since then, my work has been represented in Purple Hills Studio Tours, The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts Studio Tour, various galleries including The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, FAD Peaks & Rafters and the L.E. Lakeshore Library, Thornbury, Ontario.
My canvases depict the untamed, unmatched spirit of water, undiluted colours or high- contrast monochromes. Oil used with bold intensity give the compositions movement, emotion and impact, a palpable physical and emotional intimacy with each painting. The love I have for the subject is evident in the personality and spirit of the land I paint.
This bold and energetic style I developed from the earlier influences of Tom Thomson.

Pamella Branch Artist
Canadian Landscape Painting

Canadian Landscape Paintings

Canadian landscape Paintings

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Recent Paintings and Exhibitions

P a m e l l a  B r a n c h

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